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Learn How to Relieve Your Horse’s Tension in This Hands-on Clinic

Tension…it’s the culprit that blocks real connection between you and your horse. If his body isn’t relaxed, his mind will not be relaxed, and this will work against all of your other aids, especially when you are in the saddle. Unfortunately, you can’t just wave a magic wand and relieve tension…but if you take a little time to learn the techniques in the Masterson Method body work, you will find that you have the capability to truly help relieve your horse’s tension.

Improve Your Horse’s Mobility, Comfort, Attitude and Performance

Now, you, along with your horse, can experience immediate improvement in your horse’s mobility, comfort, attitude and performance, as tension and stress are released through the Masterson Method. An experienced and knowledgeable instructor will demo key points, then offer hands-on support while students utilize the techniques in practical application breakout sessions.

Relieve Your Horse’s Tension

“I was introduced to the Masterson Method of body work a couple of years ago, and was very intrigued by it. It sure did not look like much was happening, but the horses sure gave big release responses and certainly did seem to enjoy it. This past winter I started studying it and experimenting with it on my own horses.

I was really amazed how they responded to it. Not only do the horses respond to it but it also has taught me a great deal about patience and softness and the ever so important concept with horses that ‘less is more’. These are not new concepts,but this body work really drives these points home.

What is also very interesting is that they have carried over into my riding even more since I started practicing this work. What I also love about the Masterson work is that ANYBODY can do it. I am so looking forward to learning more about this incredibly simple yet powerful body work modality,” expressed Dr. Anita Parra, a recently retired ER veterinarian. Anita has been a lifelong horse owner and currently shows her horse in dressage as well as Beginner Novice Three day Eventing.

Learn How to Relieve Your Horse's Tension in This Hands-on Clinic | SLO Horse News

Anita is hosting a 2 day Masterson Method workshop August 5 & 6, 2017 at her facility in Ranchita Estates in Arroyo Grande. At this time, the teacher is not settled, but he/she will be a certified Masterson Method practitioner. There is also an opportunity for participants to bring their own horses to be worked on. The cost for the two-day seminar is $449.00. Payment plans are available. To sign up contact mastersonmethod.com/course-calendar/and go to the session for August 5 & 6. If you have questions, please call 805-474-8112 or e-mail anitaparradvm@gmail.com.

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