Local Teen Rodeo Contestant Jared Javadi on the Road to the Jr. American Rodeo

With the piggin’ string in his teeth and a rope in his hand, Jared Javadi of Paso Robles is mounted on his horse Bex who is set up in the box. Both horse and rider are poised for the “go” signal – the moment the calf has reached the required distance –  the chase at their Tie-Down Roping Event at the Jr American Rodeo in Fort Worth Texas is now on.

Jared Javadi flanking the calf

Racing down the arena goes the calf with Jared and Bex chasing after it, Jared swings the rope, catches the calf, steps down from Bex, runs along the rope line, flanks the calf, ties three legs then raises hands to stop time. Boom another run in a Tie-Down event done. Only this one, as part of the Jr. American Rodeo held in Fort Worth Texas February 27-March 1, 2019, will be a special memory-maker that 16-year-old Jared Javadi has pushed himself to be a part of.

The Patriot Event – The American Rodeo – One Big Rodeo Experience

Known as the Richest Weekend in Western Sports, all generations will be competing with the debut of the Jr. American Rodeo held in conjunction with The American Rodeo at the Will Rogers Coliseum in Ft. Worth Texas February 25 – March 4, 2019. Contestants competing from all over the US will have their events broadcast on TV. This is one big rodeo experience.

Jared Javadi’s Journey

Roping calves since 6th grade, Jared got started in rodeo participating in Break-away calf roping, where the rope breaks off the saddle. His 8th grade year he moved into roping calves, qualifying to compete at the Jr. High Rodeo State Finals and has focused on Tie-Down roping ever since.

In December Jared and Bex entered a Tie-Down Jackpot Qualifier which was part of the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas. Jared says, “I was simply looking to say I had roped in Vegas. I didn’t realize it was a qualifier for the Jr. American at first, but once I knew decided ahead of time to have my score count as a qualifier. I had nothing to lose!”

Jared and Bex along with other contestants roped three calves and the fastest combined time of all runs measured the winners. “We placed 5th overall and 1st for the Jr. American qualifier,” Jared reports his placing. “My fastest run in Las Vegas was 11.1 seconds.”

Bex His Teammate

The horse is a very important partner in Tie-Down roping. Once the calf has been roped the horse needs to pull up and take up the slack, while the rider is tying up the calf’s legs. Jared and his horse Bex have been a team for about a year. The 9-year-old, Quarter Horse gelding was acquired from local professional roper, Taylor Santos of Creston. “Bex wasn’t quite perfect enough for the Pro circuit,” describes Jared, “but he is perfect for High School and College Rodeo.”

Bex stays relaxed and calm as they warm up for the event, but as soon as they step into the box Bex is amped and ready. “Bex waits for my leg and hand signals to start our run,” explains Jared. A team jumping ahead will have 10 seconds added to their time. “I focus on the calf,” Jared describes his mind-set as they wait in the box. “Your only competition is the calf. Beat the calf and you’ll have a great run,” Jared says this is the best advice he has to give as it is the best he has ever received.

Everyday Life with Jared’s Teammate Bex

“Bex will eat anything,” says Jared of his teammate. “His favorite food is Alfalfa hay but I’ll give him grain, carrots and horse cookies.” Jared tries to ride everyday either working in the arena or going for a trail ride. He only does a few full runs a week on Bex. Roping with or without a calf along with training at the gym round out Jared’s program for keeping sharp and fit for competitions.

Obstacles to Overcome

“I fractured my knee in 8th grade,” says Jared of obstacles he has had to overcome. “It took me a few months to heal and a while to get back to my competition level. I still have swelling in that knee.”

Lately it has been difficult to get out and ride with all the rain we’ve received on the central coast. So Jared sends Bex off to do Aqua Therapy which not only keeps Bex in shape, the treatment also keeps joints loose and relaxed.

Dealing with the Unknowns

” “The calf you draw plays a big role in your time,” explains Jared. “A slow calf messes up your timing. Some calves kick when you are tying them.” “

Even though Jared works hard to stay sharp and keeps himself and his horse in competition shape there are still unknowns. “The calf you draw plays a big role in your time,” explains Jared. “A slow calf messes up your timing. Some calves kick when you are tying them.”

Getting a feel for the calves, especially the ones in his draw, is all a part of preparing for shaving off seconds in a run. Asking about the calves is a part of every competition. Jared explains, “I talk with the stock contractor or anyone who has experience with the calves.” The information gained influences Jared’s strategy on each run.

Pushes His Own Limits

“I always try to get something which seems beyond my reach. I simply go for it and find it to be a good experience which stretches me,” explains Jared regarding his view of tackling things which make him better and stronger. “I always try to do the very best that I can.”

As an independent High School student Jared’s day starts early in the morning to feed the horses and the cows. He takes several classes at Cuesta, and some on-line, along with doing his other school work. Riding, roping practicing, homework, and running errands for his mom all make up the rest of his day.

Loves His Family

“My parents have done everything for me!” exclaims Jared. His mother has been a very active vaulter who has competed in every country that holds vaulting competitions. Rodeo is a fairly new thing for this Paso Robles family, with roots in our beautiful Central Coast. Their rodeo experiences began with Jared as a 6th grader and now his two younger brothers are participating.

Right now Jared’s sights are on the Jr. American Rodeo and says, “I’m looking forward to meeting new people and roping. There will be lots of roping. It’s going to be a blast!”

Photo Credit: Suzanne Usher

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