Local Rider/Trainer Ellen Corob Takes the Reins of the California Dressage Society

Taking the reins of the California Dressage Society is like slipping into the saddle and continuing a ride already taking place. Ellen Corob will seemingly do it effortlessly, as she has been training for this role for over 20 years.

Ellen’s Journey to Taking the Reins of the California Dressage Society

A resident of San Luis Obispo, Ellen has been serving our local SLO-CDS (San Luis Obispo California Dressage Society) for more than 20 years. She is a Past-President of SLO-CDS, currently manages several local shows and she organizes and puts on our region’s CDS Central Amateur Clinic.

This local service launched her into bigger roles serving the state-wide California Dressage Society. Ellen tells us about her journey, “I was first appointed to the CDS Scholarship committee, then I ran for the board.  I am beginning my 8th year on the CDS board. I have been committee chair of the Regional Adult Amateur Competition committee for the last 6 years.  I will be training and turning this committee over to a new board member.  I run the CDS Central Amateur Clinic and have been for about 15 years, and plan to continue to do so.”

Ellen Corob Riding Deynika – Photo Credit: Tamera with the Camera

Vision for Her New Role as President of the California Dressage Society

Ellen slipped into the saddle and took the reins of CDS in January 2019. In her new role as President Ellen will oversee all committees and provide input when needed, lead meetings, and represent CDS everywhere she goes.

Her main goals as she continues the course are: “My main goals are to help keep the current committees running smoothly and working well.  CDS has some great new rider and horse awards that I want to see continue to grow.”

Key People Ellen Corob will be Working With as CDS President

The key people she will be interacting with to accomplish these goals are looking forward to working with her. There will be several people with whom she will interact with frequently. “I will mostly be working with our secretary in our central office, Paula Langan, along with the outgoing president, Kevin Reinig, and the other board members,” explains Ellen when discussing who will help her stay on course.

A Full Schedule of Service Both Locally and Statewide

Wearing the President’s hat will not be the only hat Ellen will wear. We’ll still see her at our local CDS shows. “I am managing our local shows so will still be at those,” mentions Ellen. 

Dressage riders will also see more of her at the state level. Ellen describes her busy schedule, “I have been working/volunteering at the CDS Championship show since being elected to the board, and will continue to do so.  I may also need to attend the other Regional Adult Amateur Competitions, the north and south shows, I run the central show.  I may also need to attend the Junior Championship shows.” Whew, just thinking about this full schedule makes one dizzy.

What Life Experiences Does Ellen Bring to the CDS Presidency?

What life experiences have prepared Ellen to effortlessly slip into the CDS Saddle? She explains, “I think having my own Dressage training and showing business has helped me to grow the most.  I have thoroughly enjoyed training and showing several horses successfully.”

Deynika – Photo credit: Tamera with the Camera

Yes, that, and all her organization and management experience many local and statewide riders have appreciated. She is also a very familiar competitor. Ellen is one of the rare riders to raise and train a horse from birth to Grand Prix Dressage with her horse Deynika. “Deynika is a 17 yr old Warmblood mare that I bred, trained, and showed up to Grand Prix Dressage,” Ellen explains when asked about her horse. “We are both currently rehabbing to get back to showing Grand Prix.”

Who Inspires and Supports Ellen?

Her husband supports her horse habit and service. She describes it this way, “My husband believing in me and allowing me to do what is necessary to be successful in my business and with CDS.”

The camaraderie and support from other CDS board members also lay the foundation for Ellen to keep the California Dressage Society on course. She describes their support in this manner, “Other board members that I have been working with the last several years have great confidence in me and encouraged me in this position.”

Ellen Corob has slipped into the saddle and taken hold of the reins of the California Dressage Society as President while on course. Although she’ll need to figure out the subtleties of this horse’s cues, she’s well on her way to finishing the ride with a championship ribbon.

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