Madonna Inn Guided Trail Rides: A Memorable Introduction to Trail Riding

“Taking people out on trail rides at the Madonna Inn is lots of fun!” exclaimed Haddie, owner of Madonna Inn Trail Rides. “Everyone here is on vacation and here to have a great time. Most of our riders are beginners and have only been on a horse three times or less in their lives, so we make sure we give them proper riding instruction. Most of our riders leave us as horse crazy people, hooked on riding for life!”

Madonna Inn Guided Trail Rides in SLO
“We ride half-way up the volcanic peak, known as Madonna Mountain, whose height is 1300 ft above sea level.”

The Views are Endless

The views are endless from trails high above the town and valley of San Luis Obispo, and back over towards Laguna Lake and Los Osos Valley and beyond. On a clear day one can see the ocean. In addition, the riding instruction, and general information about San Luis Obispo, horses and riding, is what makes a ride at Madonna Inn with either Haddie or one of their wranglers extra-special.

SLO County Guided Trail Ride Guide

Ride Half-way up Madonna Mountain

“We ride half-way up the volcanic peak, known as Madonna Mountain, whose height is 1300 ft above sea level. Along the way we might see various species of wildlife like deer, hawks, foxes and even an unmindful bobcat that has become quite comfortable with the presence of the trail riders,” remarked Haddie as she described the 1 hr ride they take from the Madonna Inn. She went on to say, “The Madonna Inn sits on 1,000 acres and we hand-built a horse trail that is different from the hiking and biking trails already on the mountain. We chose to show the views, and make a fun, safe a memorable ride for our guests.”

Every Breed, Color, Shape and Size of Horse Available

Madonna Inn Guided Trail Rides in SLO

Haddie manages a string of about 30 horses and as she explains, “We have every breed, shape, size, and color of horse possible. All our horses are hand-picked mostly for their temperament. We have very sweet horses that are extremely tolerant, trustworthy, fat, and safe. Our horses have to be tolerant as most of our riders are beginners. We see new faces here everyday.”

Small Groups at Madonna Inn Trail Rides

A group ride consists of 4-6 riders to one wrangler, yet she can also accommodate a larger group ride of 15 or so. The minimum age for a rider is 7, and there are miniature horses and goats for younger children to pet and experience.

Haddie suggests calling in advance to schedule a ride as the times vary with the season, “but we do get people who just pull off the freeway where they saw a sign about trail rides and we usually get them on.”

The first ride goes out at 9:00 am and the last ride time fluctuates with the seasons. Rides go out every day all year round. Also it is best when riders are honest about their riding ability when asked so that each rider can be best matched to the appropriate horse to ensure the best experience possible.

Guided Trail Rides Are Great For Non-Horsey Friends

A guided trail ride at the Madonna Inn is a great option for your “non-horsey” friends to get them up on safe horses, to experience beautiful SLO county views and get them hooked for more.

Madonna Inn Packages

Madonna Inn also offers Ride and Taste packages which include a Wine and Cheese paring to enjoy back at the Inn after your ride. Whatever you choose you will be sure to return with a smile on your face and a memory to treasure.

For more information contact Haddie at (805) 550-5307 or

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