One Big Horse Party with Vets and Friends | 2018 SLO Horse Expo

What 2017 San Luis Obispo horse event had over 600 attendees with 42 vendors and horse clubs and took place on one weeknight? The inaugural SLO Horse Expo held at the Madonna Inn Expo Center, of course!

The SLO Horse Expo – One Big Horse Party

One Big Horse Party with Vets and Friends | 2018 SLO Horse Expo | SLO Horse News

Were you among the 600 attendees who got in on the fun of the SLO Horse Expo 2017? It was a truly fabulous time.  If you missed last year’s party, you’ll have to clear your calendar for March 13, 2018 4:00-8:30 pm and make sure you don’t miss out on the 2018 SLO Horse Expo.

The 2018 SLO Horse Expo is warming up to be just as much fun, if not more than last year. Kristin Dell, one of the SLO Horse Expo coordinators, shares her vision for this year’s event:

“The theme of every Expo is that the Veterinarians in SLO County want to be a part of your horse’s wellness and preventative program. Bread may feed the body, but horses feed our soul, and we want to make sure every horse owner has an established relationship with a vet.”

Connecting Horse Owners with Veterinarians with “Vet Talks”

One Big Horse Party with Vets and Friends | 2018 SLO Horse Expo | SLO Horse News

The purpose and highlight of the Expo is connecting horse owners with veterinarians in our community, to mingle and share questions and answers. Last year 5 vets did a “Vet Talk” on specific and current horse health issues.

“Each vet talk last year was extremely popular. From first aid and emergencies, deadly parasites, metabolic syndrome, and even overall health care of your horse; people were staking out their seats and not moving!” described Kristin.

Just like last year, the 2018 SLO Horse Expo will have 5 veterinarians giving 20 min talks and answering questions at their booths afterwards, all in an effort to stop the horse owner isolation that can lead to horse emergencies. A swag bag will be given to each attendee, there will be door prizes, free wine tasting, two food trucks along with shopping and mingling with the vendors. It’s not just an invaluable informational event, but one to experience for fun with your horse friends.

More is in Store for the 2018 SLO Horse Expo!

“We are expecting more vendors this year and a bigger turnout! We are thrilled to see the excitement from the horse lovers in SLO county because without them, the Expo would be a bust,” exclaimed Kristin, who went on to say, “Last year we had an outpouring of people who were thrilled to have an event in SLO that was free to attend, educational and where crazy horse people like themselves could socialize with other horse nuts.”

Make sure you get in on the fun! Come enjoy the 2018 SLO Horse Expo to increase your horse knowledge and meet local veterinarians and other horse owners.  Bring your friends, or come on your own and make some new ones. Admission is free! Plan to do some shopping, wine tasting, and food sampling.

Clear your calendar for Tuesday, March 13, 4:00 – 8:30 pm at the Madonna Expo Center (near the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo). The Expo is presented by Platinum Performance, SLO Equine Practitioners Alliance and Zoetis. SLO Horse News will be there…will you?!

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