Free Service: Equestrian Event Info Shared with the SLO Horse News Herd

Are you or a friend organizing an equestrian event? Our SLO Horse News herd is eagerly looking for local clinics, trail rides and other equestrian events to take part in. How can we get “the word through the herd” regarding such activities?

We Need Equestrian Event Info from You!

Are you planning a clinic, a trail ride, poker ride, a playday, show or other equestrian event? Are you looking for participants or help with it? We share the news and details of local equestrian activities with our SLO Horse News Herd as a free service.

The Process is Easy

  1. Send us an e-mail – – to alert us of your up-coming event.
  2. Get a questionnaire e-mailed back from us.
  3. Answer the questions regarding the specific clinic, trail ride or event info.
  4. We’ll develop a short story with an intro and a conclusion and combine that with a JPEG version of your flyer, or photos of a past event, inserted in between. Using photos provided by you, we’ll work photos into the story and develop the lead photo.

Take a Look at These Stories we Have Done for Others:

Speaking “Horse” with Mark Rashid

Lester Buckley Clinic : Graceful Transformation with Your Horse

Improve Your Horsemanship with Two “Can’t Miss” Clinics

Explore, Enjoy and Energize for a Cause : Work Ranch Trail Ride

Your Equestrian Event Story Will Be Shared Throughout the Herd

The story will be shared on the SLO Horse News website and will appear in our weekly e-mail the week it posts.  The story will also appear on Facebook the day it posts, and go on Pinterest and Twitter that day or the next.

Get More Exposure with a Story Spur

If you want additional exposure of another Facebook appearance and have the story appear again in the e-mail closer to the deadline day or event day you can choose to get the “Story Spur” for $25.00.

Lead Time to Post

Keep in mind, you need to allow time for us to gather the story info from you, develop the story and get it scheduled. We are often one or two weeks out with stories already in the que, so letting us know your equestrian activity is coming up at least a month in advance is required – 6 weeks or more if using the “Story Spur” is ideal. We can sometimes move non-time-urgency stories back in the editorial calendar, but don’t count on it.

Help us spread the word throughout our herd by keeping them “in the know” with what clinics, trail rides and other equestrian events are coming up so they can participate in what you have to offer. Together we can unite our equestrian community to learn, improve and experience great things.


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