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Is Horse Ownership Cruel? | SLO Horse News

Is Horse Ownership Cruel?


I’ve also been told, by fellow horse owners, that keeping my mare in a stall is nothing short of cruelty. When is it time to mind our own business and when is it time to take a stand?

Sharon Jantzen gives us a little insight into one of her own experiences in and excerpt from one of her “Carriage Capers”, where she came across a very vocal and volatile activist in San Luis Obispo.

Thinking Like a Head Mare in an Emergency | SLO Horse News

Thinking Like a Head Mare in an Emergency


Horse herd mentality plays a key role in how our reactions influence our horse’s reactions. If we remain calm, our horse will calm down easier and quicker. Horses naturally follow the leader, whether human or horse. Sharon Jantzen shares her story “Whoa Nellie” – a little story of a time where thinking like a head mare in an emergency saved a situation.