All for the Benefit of the Horses at SLO Sage and Spur Ranch

“Our main focus is the horses,” says Sarah Judson. “Everything we do is for the benefit of the horses.” Sarah owns and oversees the management of her beautiful boarding facility, SLO Sage and Spur Ranch, at the south end of San Luis Obispo city limits. This focus is a recipe enriching the lives of both humans and horses.

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All Management and Care Decisions are Made for the Benefit of the Horses

First off, all of the staff are experienced horse handlers and riders.

Sarah – Owner/Operator

Sarah herself grew-up riding Hunter/Jumpers. She enjoyed a 10-year stint as a pro trainer plus she and her husband managed a horse show barn in Oregon. Having horses on her own property has been a very common part of her horse life. Coming back to her SLO County where she graduated from High School, she custom-designed the barn and layout of the boarding facility she now operates.  Sarah specializes in high maintenance horses and loves to see them thrive in her care.

Erin – Barn Manager

Managing SLO Sage and Spur Ranch since 2018, Erin is a wealth of knowledge and experience. She came from managing Coastal Equine Ranch in San Luis Obispo. Erin’s specialty at SLO Sage and Spur Ranch is horse care and rehab.

Stall Cleaners and Feeding Substitutes

The stall cleaners and feeding substitutes have over 10 years of experience serving the horse industry. Each one pays attention to each horse and knows the importance of sticking to a schedule and spotting issues.

A Variety of Riding Disciplines are Represented to Benefit the Horses and Humans

“We’re often asked if we have a resident trainer here,” remarks Sarah. “We do have a variety of visiting trainers from all riding disciplines.” Currently Eric Wagner, an Arabian horse trainer, comes out on a regular basis. Hunter/Jumper trainer Kayla Lippe is a regular visiting instructor. In the works is a Dressage instructor to come as a visiting instructor.

“Not having one main trainer keeps the ranch quiet,” expresses Sarah. “This is good for all horses and riders whether they compete, train, trail ride, or are here for rehab and retirement.”

Custom Feeding Plan Benefits the Horses

“We bill feed separately for each horse, meaning we bill for feeding what each horse actually eats,” explains Sarah. The owner chooses what type of hay or feed and how much. Feeding time takes place at specific times, three times a day. Soaking hay, providing supplements of grain, pellets or other is provided to horses requiring these services every day. Each horse has a custom care plan.

Sarah uses a local feed store, Premier Ag, as her feed provider. She finds they provide the most consistent quality feed. Each horse is carefully watched to keep its weight from fluctuating. “We make sure we’re not overfeeding or underfeeding,” explains Sarah.

To help cut down on feed expense, Sarah may suggest feeding a slightly lower quality hay and supplement with alfalfa. She has great results keeping weight on a harder keeper, or building up body weight up with her supplement of choice, Stable Mix.

The focus is the horse and human. So, every management, care, feeding and training decision made is for the benefit of the horse and also for the humans at SLO Sage and Spur Ranch in San Luis Obispo.

Photo credit: Sharon Jantzen Photos

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