Anxious? Try Equine Assisted Meditation with Your Horse

Anxious? Try Equine Assisted Meditation with Your Horse

Do you feel better around horses simply because you love them? Equine Assisted Meditation actually proves there is more to it than that. Jenna Michaud-Bonyadi a certified HeartMath Facilitator at Wildhaven Acres located in the Santa Maria Valley says, “The HeartMath Institute actually did a study about how horses influence the coherence level of people. Coherence is when your mind and heart/body are in alignment. This state is usually achieved when we are in the present moment fully.”

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Equine Assisted Meditation

Equine Assisted Meditation brings us into the present moment where anxious feelings fall. “Horses have the natural ability to bring us into the present moment (where they always are) and physically have the ability to sync the electromagnetic field of our heart with theirs.” explains Jenna. “They have a 9 ft “bubble” created by their heart and we have a 3 ft “bubble” where all of our emotions are transmitted.  Apparently, their bubble overtakes and influences ours, not the other way around. When we are in their presence, we are positively impacted by their energy whether we are aware of it or not. Of course, most equestrians are not surprised by this.”

Why is Being in More Coherent State Beneficial?

Jenna details the benefits, “The benefit to being in a more coherent state is that you have a better quality of life by experiencing more positive regenerative emotions instead of harmful negative ones. Being coherent feels like love, gratitude, care and compassion.  On the other hand, being in an incoherent state feels like anger, fear, anxiety, depression. Being in an incoherent state for extended periods of time is very bad for us not only mentally, but physically as well. I teach the HeartMath Institute techniques for increasing inner balance (coherence) in combination with the presence of horse energy.”

How Do People Benefit from Equine Assisted Meditation?

“The most common benefit people experience is relief from anxiety,” describes Jenna. “One participant shared with me that it helped her mourn the recent loss of a loved one.  Another person attended seeking help for a stressful situation with a co-worker at her job. Several people have found it helpful enough to come back with friends and family members.”

Are All Horses Suited for Equine Assisted Meditation?

Jenna works with clients and guests at her Wildhaven Acres facility in the Santa Maria Valley where she also runs an Airbnb experience. Yet, she can work with clients using their own horses. She describes the horses she uses: “The horses are our personal horses that live with me and my husband on our 10 acre property.  Currently we have three horses: Selci, a 32-year-old Arabian mare, Bolero, a 21-year-old Tennessee Walker, and Magic, an 18-year-old Thoroughbred.”

“They are all very different personalities,” Jenna continues. “Magic has always shown a natural inclination for the work.  He is a rescue who I adopted at the age of 9 from a neglect situation. He just seems to be drawn to people like a magnet and people are drawn to him the same way. Selci is more aloof and selective about who she allows into her space. Bolero is a very gentle and affectionate horse but will allow Magic to take the lead with meditation.”

How Can You Experience the Benefits of Equine Assisted Meditation?

Many people are experiencing anxiety these days. Therefore, Jenna would like to introduce you to Equine Assisted Meditation through a free session using your horse.

She explains her offer: “My offer is to help SLO county horse people to tap into the amazing healing benefits of their horses.  Due to COVID-19 I am offering this experience virtually so anyone can do it from the comfort of their home or barn. I will hold a complimentary group session for up to 4 people. You can select them individually or if there is a group that requests to do it together.”

To schedule your free session simply use the contact form on the Wildhaven Acres website. Or send Jenna an e-mail at Let her know you heard about this through SLO Horse News.

Editor’s Note: This story is for you, the SLO Horse News reader, in response to offering ways to benefit any reader who is feeling stressed or who needs connection. No sponsorship money was part of to promoting this offer.

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