Stressed? Low Energy? Get help with a complimentary BEMER Session

Are you feeling stressed, with low energy? Get a boost from BEMER. This revolutionary Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation technology is effectively used on both horses and humans. Looking to feel connected to life again? You can get a complimentary session for either you or your horse.

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Tina Lavrouhin, an independent BEMER distributor, tells her story of getting her energy back using BEMER. “I learned about this technology about four years ago from Linda Tellington-Jones. My energy was at an all-time low. Therefore, I was quite concerned that at age 70 my days of having an active lifestyle were over unless I could find a way to reverse (or at least slow) the aging process and get my energy and enthusiasm back. I found BEMER and it has changed my life in so many ways.”

Get a Boost from BEMER

Developed in Germany in 1998, BEMER has continued to evolve and improve for over 20 years. This is a relatively new bio-magnetic treatment. BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy has only been available here in the States for the last 5 years or so. Additionally, a new improved Horse Set was introduced to North America earlier this year.

The unique patented signal configuration stimulates the microcirculatory system in the body which increases delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the body’s cells and removes C02 and metabolic waste. The scientifically-proven results are:

  • Enhanced energy, strength and endurance
  • Improved vitality, well-being and mental clarity
  • Stress reduction, relaxation and better sleep

Are Either You or your Horse Stressed with Low Energy?

Does this sound good to you because you are feeling stressed, exhausted or unfocused? Help is here. Learn more about the many benefits of BEMER therapy for you or your horse. Please contact Tina for your complimentary demonstration. Call, text or email her any time.

Tina Lavrouhin

Independent BEMER Distributor


Editor’s Note: This story is for you, the SLO Horse News reader, in response to offering ways to benefit any reader who is feeling stressed or who needs connection. No sponsorship money was received to promote this offer.

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