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Back to School Bash Horse Camp for Adults and Kids from Newbies to Show Riders

Horse enthusiasts of all walks of life and ages who want some up-close-and-personal horse experience can spend an evening and a day doused in horses at the Paso Robles Horse Park Back to School Bash. Yes, horse lovers from six to one hundred and six, with all levels of experience, even those who have never met a horse, are encouraged to attend the first-ever Back to School Bash at the Paso Robles Horse Park on August 10 & 11, 2018.

Friday Fun Night

The Back to School Bash kicks up its heels with a schooling show experience for riders with horses. As explained by the Paso Robles Horse Park staff, “Beginning in the late afternoon on Friday, August 10, 2018, riders are invited to bring their horses to the Park for schooling access in the competition arenas featuring world-class GGT footing and competition style jumps. Access to arenas is organized by 30-minute riding slots and offers the ideal opportunity for riders new to the show world and horses in need of show-like experiences to grow into a role of future competitor.”

Non-riders are encouraged to sit back and relax in the Park’s iconic Adirondack chairs and watch the riding activity while waiting for the evening festivities. All attendees will enjoy watching a horse movie Friday night, complete with pop-corn and s’mores. Overnight tent camping is encouraged so campers will be on-site and ready for the fun and educational activities planned for Saturday, August 11, 2018.

Two Equine Education Tracks Set for Saturday

No matter what your experience level is with horses, you will gain experience tailored to your level of knowledge. Here’s what the Paso Robles Horse Park Back to School Bash has in store:

Saturday will be filled with equine education that will be beneficial whether attendees have never ridden or are preparing for future competitions. Two educational tracks, targeted for varied levels of horse experience, each offering six educational sessions will be available.

  1. Introduction to Horses is a no-horse-required opportunity open to those with limited to no horse experience. Attendees of this educational track will learn about Horse Safety 101, have the opportunity to ride horses with Central Coast Trail Rides, share what horses mean to them, and enjoy presentations from 4H, Pony Club and the Cal Poly Equestrian Team to learn how to make the passion for horses a regular treat.
  2. The Advanced Horse Care & Competition track is for those that have at least some experience on and around horses; while attendees are welcome to bring their own horse, they will learn just as much if they need to leave their four-legged friends at home. This educational track will feature grooming techniques, a talk with Tony Knust, the Park Show farrier, key knowledge from veterinarian Dr. Bogenrief of Estrella Equine Hospital, tips and tricks for show etiquette, an equipment review with Riding Warehouse, and an opportunity to meet Dorothy Torosian, a show judge, to learn what she is looking for from her booth.
Back to School Bash Horse Camp for Adults and Kids from Newbies to Show Riders | SLO Horse News

The Vision Behind the Back to School Bash

“This brand-new program directly aligned with their mission of creating opportunity within the community to support relevance of the horse in today’s world and its unique ability to enhance education, health and quality of life. The Back To School Bash welcomes horse lovers of all levels –whether this will be your first time up close and personal with these incredible animals or you are an avid rider beginning to navigate the complex world of competition, you will find programming that offers both fun and education,” as stated by the Park’s staff.

“As a world-class competition facility, we’ve always enjoyed that what makes us stand out is our commitment to fostering the development of the future of the sport,” commented Amanda Diefenderfer, Park Director. “With the Back to School Bash we can continue to find unique ways that make this Park not only a competition facility but a part of the Central Coast community.”

To reserve your spot(s) at the Back to School Bash, send an e-mail to

Paso Robles Horse Park

The Paso Robles Horse Park is a premier equestrian competition facility, located on the California Central Coast in picturesque Paso Robles, California. The Park Foundation is dedicated to creating opportunity within the community to support relevance of the horse in today’s world and its unique ability to enhance education, health, and quality of life, particularly for the handicapped and underprivileged. Through events at the Park and work advanced by the Paso Robles Horse Park Foundation, they strive to support the local community and promote programming that makes equestrian sports accessible to all. To learn more about the Paso Robles Horse Park Foundation and stay up to date with upcoming events, please visit the Paso Robles Horsepark website or come see us in person at 3801 Hughes Parkway in Paso Robles.

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