Hoof Building Clinic with David Landreville : Taking the Mystery out of Trimming

You’ve stood there many times. Lead rope in hand facing your horse while the horse shoer faces away from you trimming your horse’s hooves. It’s almost a mystery as to what goes on. What if you could watch the process and have it explained to you? What if you could try trimming the hoof yourself? You can. David Landreville is coming to Nipomo to present a Hoof Building Clinic.

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David Landreville is a True Craftsman

“David Landreville is a true craftsman,” says Lori Kozachenko, clinic organizer and a client of David’s. Lori is hoping that by hosting David’s clinic she can promote people progressing in their knowledge of the proper shape of the hoof … in addition to teaching people David’s method of watching and understanding the horse’s response to the trim. “They really do show you what they need if you pay attention.” Lori found David when searching for a barefoot trimmer who could handle her sensitive / reactive horse. David lives in Tucson, Arizona. He specializes in building the barefoot horse. In fact, it was 16 years ago when his own horse, Santo, struggled with navicular disease. Thus David began his journey to learn how to build horses out of their depleted feet and into recovery.

More Than Trimming, It’s Hoof Building

Hoof Building Clinic with David Landreville : Taking the Mystery out of Trimming  | SLO Horse News

For David it’s more than trimming, it’s hoof building.  He teaches as he works and demonstrates a method of shaping the hoof so it aligns as closely as possible with the internal structures.  He’ll explain how this trim develops strong hooves and robust soft tissue over time.  He will also discuss how to recognize distortion and promote progress.
-On day 1 participants will observe David trimming and can ask questions.

-On day 2 participants are trimming with David’s supervision and support.

All Levels of Trimmers are Welcome and Questions are Encouraged

Hoof Building Clinic with David Landreville : Taking the Mystery out of Trimming  | SLO Horse News
Participants Observe David Trimming

Each participant brings his or her horse for a trim.  Every participant will be treated to David’s unwavering commitment to the whole horse and watch his commitment throughout the trimming process. The bonus is that your horse will get a correct trim and you will gain some knowledge of this important and healing process

Hoof Building Clinic with David Landreville : Taking the Mystery out of Trimming  | SLO Horse News

Hoof Building Clinic Details

The David Landreville Hoof Building Clinic will be July 1 and 2, 2021 from 8:00 am to 2:00pm at 1525 Scenic View Way, Nipomo, CA.

Cost: $150/horse to participate. Space is limited to six horses trimmed each day. Participants come for both days.

Contact Lori Kozachenko to secure your horse spot. E-mail: July1and2trimclinic@gmail.com

Parking: On the easement side of Scenic View Way. Not in the facility. No stabling is available. Trimming will take place in a turnout pen and possibly a tie rack. A round pen may be available for arriving horses.

Notes: Bring your own seating, food, water. Sunblock and sun protection clothing is recommended. A release of liability will need to be signed and social distancing will be practiced.

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