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Well-Horse – A First Aid Kit In A Bottle

If your horses are at all like ours, they get into plenty of mischief, and with mischief comes a lot of cuts, scrapes, and the occasional vet visit. That’s why we keep Well-Horse in full stock at our barn. It’s great for healing wounds and clearing up skin conditions like scratches and the fact that it’s all natural and made by a local company takes it over the top in my book.

Well-Horse products are all-natural topical treatments for wound, skin, and hoof care for both horses and small animals. It’s made from a sustainably harvested rain forest botanical called Dragon’s Blood, which is known for its many healing properties and has been used for hundreds of years. Dragon’s Blood is naturally antibacterial, anti fungal, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-itch, analgesic, and wound healing. That’s a lot of benefits all from one natural plant!

Well-Horse is a first aid kit in a bottle.

Well-Horse works fast to heal wounds, promoting hair growth in the original color, and diminishing growth of proud flesh. Since the core Well-Horse product is technically a resin, it dries to a solid form to create a protective barrier for woulds, specifically helpful to those of us who have horses who have a distinct attraction to dirt.

Casanova's Cut Above the Hoof with Well-Horse Bottle

They’ve come up with the tagline ‘first aid kit in a bottle’ and I happen to agree. While on our trip to Ohio we spent two weeks on the road with two horses spending our nights in random Oklahoma pastures (with terrifying wild horses from those of you who’ve heard the story) and stretching our legs at rest stops. While all were safe on the trip, you could bet there was quite a few nicks and scratches picked up along the journey. Well-Horse made it easy to take care of these at a moments notice. Just clean the area (their Sanitizing spray is perfect for the job) and brush on. That’s it!

With a herd of clumsy boys & accident prone colts, Well-Horse has become a necessity in our barn, horse trailer, and in all of the groom boxes! It’s easy to apply, dries fast, and doesn’t need frequent re-application. I highly recommend it!

– Nikki Egyed, owner, Silver Shadow Training

Well-Horse has developed a full line of products to help a number of various issues we horse people encounter on a daily basis. Their resin is the classic form of would healing protection and comes in brush on and a new foam which is nice to dab onto larger affected areas. Their ‘Pet B Well’ is the resin that’s specifically formulated for cats and dogs. They’ve created Thrush Off to effectively treat thrush, and Purple Mush hoof pack for farriers. Lastly, their new spray on Sanitizer product puts Vetericyn in the cross hairs because it kills 99.999% of known bacteria as tested by FDA and has a shelf life of 5 years, even proving effective if subjected to freezing or elevated barn temperatures. Something very beneficial to those of us up in North County!

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You can find Well-Horse here locally at The Tack Room in Paso Robles and at Riding Warehouse in San Luis Obispo or you can order online from Riding Warehouse or on Amazon.

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