Try Mounted Archery: Give it a Shot

Have you ever wanted to try Mounted Archery?  Come on and give it a shot, as Heather Lomax of Hidden Creek Ranch introduces you and your horse to the sport. Don’t have a horse? No problem, Heather can provide a limited number of lesson horses.  No prior archery or horseback riding experience is necessary. This Intro to Mounted Archery Clinic will take place April 23&24, 2022 at Paso Robles Pastures 6155 Union Rd, Paso Robles, CA.

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Anyone on Any Horse Can Try Mounted Archery

The Intro to Mounted Archery Clinic starts Saturday April 23 at 9:00 in the morning beginning with ground archery.  Heather will introduce range safety, bows used in mounted archery, nocking (putting the arrow on the string) methods, draw techniques, and unique principles for archery from horseback.  When the clinic is resumed from the lunch break the horses will be brought in to begin the systematic desensitization process preparing them for mounted archery. Anyone on any horse can try Mounted Archery!

Sunday morning April 24 will start at 9:00 am with more ground archery and further development of techniques.  After the lunch break, the horses come back in for further training and experience in the sport.

Each horse and rider will go at the pace that is best for them.  Many horses, while being ridden at the walk, could be up to having a bow and arrow shot from them the first day. Heather will put the horses first, so that their experiences remain positive while effective training is gained.

Come Try Mounted Archery!

Intro to Mounted Archery with Heather Lomax

Event Timing: April 23-24, 2022 9 am to 4 pm each day

Event Address:

Paso Robles Pastures

6155 Union Rd, Paso Robles CA

Available options:  School horse rental ($100/day); Overnight corrals ($30/night); Dry camping ($25/night)

Cost $350 for two days of Mounted Archery Instruction

Use the registration link in the box below to secure your spot in the clinic.

Archery equipment is provided and included in the clinic fee.

Auditors are free.

Airbnb on site:

Contact Heather Lomax 661.319.2644 or

About the Clinician, Heather Lomax

Heather has been training horses and instructing riders for 25 years.  In that time, Heather has become an experienced clinician specializing in horse rider relationships, foundations for bridleless riding, and gaited horses. In 2020 Heather tried horse archery and fell in love with it.  As it turns out, her horse training methods and values are the perfect foundation for the mounted archery partner, the horse.

Cover photo credit: Mark the Sky Photography – Anna Vaughn

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